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How to use a Penis condom

Sounds easy right? You’ve been doing it for years? But are you doing it correctly?

I have had so many people confess that they were never shown how to put one on and are still not sure they are doing it right. What a fail of Relationships and Sex Education. I still know people who believe that “two is better than one” myth and follow it.

So lets talk about penis condoms…

Why are condoms essential to sexual health?

First and foremost – SAFETY.

The concept of condoms have been around years – and I mean years. The modern condom is very different from the traditional pigskin, tortoiseshell, lamb intestines or oiled paper but aim to do the same thing: prevent unwanted pregnancy and STD’s.

Types of Condoms:

Latex – the most commonly used condoms
Textured – ridged, ribbed or dotted, this condoms are designed to enhance stimulation
Flavoured – add a bit of taste to your experience. MANY flavours are available
Lubricated – comes with extra lubrication for your pleasure
Latex-free – for those that cannot use the traditional latex condoms

Shop our favourites here:

How do I use it?

  • Start by opening the packet with care, making sure you don’t tear the condom
  • Pinch the tip (the sticky out bit that looks like a little hat) between two fingers. This makes sure that air isn’t trapped in the condom, which could result in breakage.
  • Place the condom on the end of the ERECT penis while still pinching the tip
  • Carefully and slowly, roll down the condom to cover the entirety of the penis whilst AGAIN still pinching the tip
  • If something goes wrong, it won’t roll down or you find its inside out – start again with a NEW condom. You may have accidentally got sperm on it

How do I take it off?

  • Once ejaculated, take the condom off whilst the penis is still hard
  • Tie the condom to ensure no sperm leaks, wrap the used condom in a tissue and chuck it in the bin
  • Make sure you are not in contact with your partner when removing the condom

Condoms Myths

Condoms can be used more than once: NO, just no! Condoms are one use only and should be disposed of after use.

All condoms are safe: Be careful where you buy condoms from, some may not be as effective. Buy condoms from a reputable source and check they have the CE or BSI kite mark. Always check condoms are in date, not broken or damaged and remember, no condoms are 100% effective. For more peace of mind – try other forms of contraception along with condoms.

Condoms are not needed for oral sex: STIs can be transferred by oral sex as well as vaginal and anal. You are still at risk of contracting gonorrhoea, chlamydia and herpes.

Two condoms are better than one: “Double-bagging” is an EXTREMELY bad sexual health practice and often makes the condom/s LESS effective than using the one. When you double up, the friction of movement and the friction between the condoms can lead to one or both tearing. This is also true for penis / vaginal condoms – only ever use one or the other.

Condoms don’t provide protection for skin-to-skin STIs: If the condom covers the infected skin, it has been shown to provide some protection against STIs such as herpes, genital warts and HPV. Remember they aren’t full proof as there is still a chance of skin-to-skin contact with the infected area.

Condom size doesn’t matter: Penis’ come in all shapes and size which means condoms need to as well. For them to be as effective as possible, they need to fit properly. If you use one too small or tight, the condom could tear or break. If you use one too big or loose, it could come off during sex OR leak sperm where you don’t want it.

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Your Quick Guide to Lube

Some people think sex should be an amazing and sensual experience, but what if you are in need of lube – does this ruin the mood? Lubrication aids are often used in sexual acts such as sex, masturbation or playing with sex toys and even make them more pleasurable.

Lube is great and can really boost your sex life. Its works from reducing the friction between your body and the thing you are using, eliminating chafing and rubbing. Even if people produce enough personal lubrication, maybe will still include an extra lubricant to add to sexual pleasure.

But how do I pick one? There is so many …

Waterbased Lubes – the closest wetness naturally produced by the body

The pros

  • Best lube for first timers
  • Generally safe for sex, masturbation, use with condoms and sex toys
  • Minimal irritation for your body will make a more comfortable and pleasurable playtime
  • FAR EASIER to clean of your body and bed sheets than other types of lube

The cons

  • Many drug store brands include Glycerin – an ingredient that can irritate the vaginas natural flow and cause yeast infections in some people
  • Bad for water or shower play as its not long lasting and will just wash away – also means its not great for one of those LONG sessions that are just so enjoyable

Aurora recommends …

Silicone Lubes – slippery, smooth and long-lasting

The pros

  • A lot less lube is needed – silicone lubricants require less lube to be applied AND lasts longer
  • Great to use for some play – solo or not. Silicone lubes don’t wash off easily in the shower like waterbased lube so ALWAYS the better option. (Be warned – it will make your shower floor a slip and slide if you’re not careful)
  • They are sometimes better for more sensitive bodies as it tends to be more slippery
  • They are hypoallergenic

The cons

  • It is a PAIN to wash off – where it is long lasting and good for shower play, you need soap and water to get this lube off of you after you’re done with playtime
  • They don’t play well with silicone sex toys – they can break them down over time. Although, don’t let that put you off using these types of lubes with other sex toys made from glass, hard plastic or steel

Aurora recommends …

Oil-based Lubes – the natural one

The pros

  • A longer lasting option for longer, pleasure sessions
  • Great for water play
  • The least messy lube on our list
  • Perfect addition for masturbation and sextoy play

The cons

  • NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEX CONDOMS – they will dissolve the latex and may cause the condom to break
  • They may stain your sheets
  • They are often more pricey with a shorter shelf life

Aurora recommends …

What to remember – when choosing your lube

  • If you regularly get yeast infections – AVOID any lubricants that contain glycerin. Glyercin with irritate and kill the good bacteria in your vagina. This can cause an infection.
  • If you are using condoms – do not use an oil based lubricant. They will render them ineffective as they breaks down the latex.
  • If you want to use a sex toy – try to stay away from silicone lubricant as it will damage your silicone based toys. Try to stick with water-based lubes when have toy time.
  • If you are prone to dryness – Try a silicone based lube. They are long lasting, don’t contain glycerin and won’t dry out really quickly.

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Alone on Valentines day?

I have spent many Valentine’s Days alone as well as many with others. With being less than a month away, I want show that Valentine’s Day alone does not have to be a depressing thing. I have had some pretty good ones.

First things first – don’t spend it alone. Get SOMETHING to keep you company. I have made some great suggestions below of toys I love for alone time. I like to have a bath and really make an evening of it. Bubbles, candles and maximum relaxation. Also can’t go wrong with a little erotica to get into the mood. If you want to start having some fun in the bath, we have PLENTY of toys to choose from. But don’t be hasty – there is all night to play.

Here are some great suggestions for play for the entire night …


It may sound strange, but I love to dress up for myself. It is a big confidence boost. I have a thing for bodies and playsuits at the moment.

Je Joue Nuo V2 Remote Controlled Butt Plug

I like to have a butt plug in every time I have some solo playtime. It just feels good and heightens all other sensations. Je Joue’s Nuo V2 is a great choice cause of it’s internal angle, wide base (massively important aspect for me) and the added bonus of it being a vibrator.

Jopen Key Pyxis Waterproof Vibrating Finger Massager

I have a love for this product. Its a great start to playtime. It’s also waterproof so able to start the fun in the bath

Lelo Ina Wave Vibrator

For one that has read anything I have written knows that this is one of my favourite products the moment. For me, this is the finishing product. Stimulating both inside and out as the shaft moves backward and forward hitting the g-spot.

ID Frutopia Personal Lube Mango

Important thing not to forgot – makes for a much better experience. And hey, I just love mango.

Lelo Premium Toy Cleaning Spray

And for when you’re done. Always clean your toys ready for next time, or later that night.

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Setting The Mood

So, you have got your goodies, and you have all the people you need to play with (All our toys are designed for one or more people). Now what?

Now it is time to make your you are set up to maximise your pleasure. Sometimes all you want is a quick buzz, and then to move on, and that is great, but what if you’re going to make the event a bit more special?

For a start, you want to block out some time. Enjoyment is like anything else in your life, in that if you do not make time for it, it will fall by the wayside and be forgotten in the hustle-bustle of modern life.

Don’t forget; foreplay can start before everyone is assembled, set yourself up with a relaxing bath to let the stresses of life melt away before you melt with someone else. Use a beautiful bath salts set to completely pamper yourself.

If you are playing with other people, make sure they have some time blocked out as well, no one wants to be rushing to the finish while looking at the clock!

Make sure you have a space to play in and make it a pleasant place to be. Some basics that everyone can do is to make it fresh and inviting.

Don’t forget about lighting. Candles can be used for the traditional mood setter, and we love that the right ones can have multiple uses. We have massage candles that not only smell awesome but are a great way to warm up and get more intimate and relaxed with people.

So go in, indulge yourself, and others, and make today epic.

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How to clean your sex toy: Things to know

Cleaning your sex toys is an essential way to create a happy and healthy sexlife. It may seem like a chore but it will help keep your body clean and safe from anything nasty that could land on your toy. 

But I get it, sometimes you forgot, sometimes your tired after a session or maybe even don’t have time but there are many reasons that you should make cleaning your toys a priority. Even if you only your use on your own, cleaning should never slip your mind. Without cleaning, you risk getting a yeast or bacterial infection or even pass on/contract an STD. Two things that we really don’t want to happen. This is especially true if you use a type of coil as contraception as they can potentially increase the chance of catching infections such as thrush. 

Before I tell you anymore remember … ALWAYS take the batteries out before cleaning. 

What material are you working with?

The first thing to work out when you are cleaning your toy is what is it made from? Is it a porous or non-porous material. Here at Aurora Exquisite, we try to ensure all our products are non-porous as they are also easier to look after, clean and they tend to have a longer, healthier life. Porous materials should always be used with condoms to ensure they remain clean and hygienic.

When should you clean your toys? 

You should ALWAYS clean your sex toys after any use. It will make sure that your toys are as clean as possible. And it is really simple to do. 

We would also strongly recommend washing them before use. Even if you have thoroughly cleaned them after your last use, you don’t know if there is any dirt or harmful substance on them picked up while stored. You do NOT want that near your genitals. 

It is also recommended that they are stored in a cool, dry and clean place in between uses to prevent any addition unwanted stuff on your toys.

What should you use?

Though for most sex toys you can use mild soap and water, we strongly advise using a specially made sex toy cleaner. For certain products (real feel ones), you may want to use some toy refreshing powder to finish off your cleaning.

How do you clean it?

Well, this depends on what toy you have. For most toys, you are ok to wash with mild soap or toy cleaner, some warm water and a clean cloth. Spray is always my preference for ease, just spray the toy, leave for 30 seconds then wipe down with your damp cloth. 

If you have a glass, stainless steel or silicone toy and want a deeper clean, you can put it in boiling water for around 8 – 10 minutes OR even put it in the dishwasher. If you go for the dishwasher option, make sure you don’t add soap; you may not enjoy the aftermath of your next use. 

Once clean, make sure that the toy is completed dry before putting it away, either air dry by placing on kitchen roll or immediate dry with a clean toy. DO NOT use a hairdryer or place on a radiator to dry. 

Once complete you can put it into a clean and dry storage area. For the best way to store your goodies, please read our guide on how to store your sex toys

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Storing toys safely

Toys are great when using them; they bring pleasure and orgasms but what do you do with them when you are not using them. Throw them in a side drawer somewhere. I know that’s what I used to do! But no, this is bad for you and your toys. Here’s why…

DO NOT just store them in a drawer or cupboard

If you are not cleaning that drawer regularly, it will become a pit of bacteria for your toys and then for wherever you put those toys in the future (think genitals…eugh). Even if you clean it regularly, what about it if you haven’t a toy properly and then mix it in with your other toys? Again… eugh.

Store ALL your toys separately. Yes I said separately! 

Toys are often made of different materials. If you store these toys together, they can react, look disheveled and need to be chucked way before their time. The best way to store separately is to keep each of them in a clothes bag. This will not only stop toys mixing together, but will also stop dirt or dust attaching to your toy. Most toys will come with a way of storing and should always come with instructions. 

ALWAYS clean your toys before storage

For more information on how to clean your toys, please see our other guide and always make sure toys are completely dry before putting them away. 

Remove the batteries from your toy

Leaving batteries in your toy can potentially corrode the internal workings of your toy. Also, toys do continue to drain the batteries when its not in use. I know the disappointing feeling when the batteries die during action. Not fun!