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Why everyone should own a sex toy

First things first – sex toys are awesome. And enough people must agree with me as the industry is worth billions of pounds a year. But it is something that we don’t often openly talk about. Why? There seems to still be a slight taboo around them even in 2020. Yes, films like Fifty Shades of Grey (ooo, try they products – they are great) have definitely helped so why wouldn’t you want to own a sex toy.

  1. “It’s embarrassing to buy them”
  2. “I don’t know what I should buy”
  3. “I don’t know how to use them”
  4. “Why do I need one when I have a partner”

It’s embarrassing to buy them” – I know that even amongst my very sexually liberal friends, this is a quote that gets thrown around. I have been in a sex toy shop and wondered if other people are judging me for my purchases. But I can guarantee – those shop assistants see those products bought all the time and the other customers are either thinking the same thing as you, wondering what the products you’ve picked are like or haven’t even noticed you’re holding anything.

BUT this is why online shops like Aurora exist. When you buy any products from us – you don’t have to go into a shop and wonder what people think. You can sit in the comfort of your own home and browse to your hearts content. Adding to that, packaging is discreet so there will be no neighbours or postman knowing where you have been shopping. Never be embarrassed.

“I don’t know what I should buy” – I remember the first time I bought a sex toy with a partner and so many thoughts went through my head. Where do I start? What will work for me? There are so many products. My advice here is to get a sex toy kit. They give you a selection of products to try and will help you understand what you like and your own personal kinks. One of my favourites is The Insider Deluxe Kit. There is a mixture of things to try and arouse you.

“I don’t know how to use them” – Does it feel pleasurable? Yes. Then you’re probably using it in the right way. Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Yes. Probably stop using it in that way then. For more advice, we have pages of how tos to get you going.

“Why do I need one when I have a partner” – In all honesty, you probably don’t, but you are missing a whole world of pleasure. Sex toys are not instead of a partner. They can be used with a partner to help you explore a whole range of new sensations and feelings.

Sometimes raising the subject of buying sex toys with your partner might be daunting but sex is ALL about communication and being open. Creating a safe space to discuss you likes and dislikes will always help to improve your sex life.

This is why at Aurora Exquisite – we believe EVERYONE should own at least one sex toy and should feel open to talking about them. Not only are they fun, fantastic, orgasmic and improve your sex life but they also have added health benefits. So get your first one today.

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