About Us

We are Aurora Exquisite and we are on a mission..

We want to give the UK a touch of class, when it comes to sex toys and how you buy them. We want to give you the tools and the know how to have a more fulfilling and adventurous sex life. At Aurora Exquisite, we offer you an exquisite range of all things sexual, but more importantly we want to give you something for free… sexual wellbeing.

Buying a sex toy used to involve going on to the web, trying to work out how a product works and even if it will be what your looking for. Let us be your guiding hand.

On Aurora Exquisite, you won’t find any jelly made products, made up of chemicals, that could be bad for the body.

We strive to stock the highest quality products adding a touch of highend at a price we all will love.

We want to get rid of the labels “for him”, “for her”, “for the heterosexual couple”. Lets be for all not some, and focus on the important stuff like how it feels.