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How to use a Penis condom

Sounds easy right? You’ve been doing it for years? But are you doing it correctly?

I have had so many people confess that they were never shown how to put one on and are still not sure they are doing it right. What a fail of Relationships and Sex Education. I still know people who believe that “two is better than one” myth and follow it.

So lets talk about penis condoms…

Why are condoms essential to sexual health?

First and foremost – SAFETY.

The concept of condoms have been around years – and I mean years. The modern condom is very different from the traditional pigskin, tortoiseshell, lamb intestines or oiled paper but aim to do the same thing: prevent unwanted pregnancy and STD’s.

Types of Condoms:

Latex – the most commonly used condoms
Textured – ridged, ribbed or dotted, this condoms are designed to enhance stimulation
Flavoured – add a bit of taste to your experience. MANY flavours are available
Lubricated – comes with extra lubrication for your pleasure
Latex-free – for those that cannot use the traditional latex condoms

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How do I use it?

  • Start by opening the packet with care, making sure you don’t tear the condom
  • Pinch the tip (the sticky out bit that looks like a little hat) between two fingers. This makes sure that air isn’t trapped in the condom, which could result in breakage.
  • Place the condom on the end of the ERECT penis while still pinching the tip
  • Carefully and slowly, roll down the condom to cover the entirety of the penis whilst AGAIN still pinching the tip
  • If something goes wrong, it won’t roll down or you find its inside out – start again with a NEW condom. You may have accidentally got sperm on it

How do I take it off?

  • Once ejaculated, take the condom off whilst the penis is still hard
  • Tie the condom to ensure no sperm leaks, wrap the used condom in a tissue and chuck it in the bin
  • Make sure you are not in contact with your partner when removing the condom

Condoms Myths

Condoms can be used more than once: NO, just no! Condoms are one use only and should be disposed of after use.

All condoms are safe: Be careful where you buy condoms from, some may not be as effective. Buy condoms from a reputable source and check they have the CE or BSI kite mark. Always check condoms are in date, not broken or damaged and remember, no condoms are 100% effective. For more peace of mind – try other forms of contraception along with condoms.

Condoms are not needed for oral sex: STIs can be transferred by oral sex as well as vaginal and anal. You are still at risk of contracting gonorrhoea, chlamydia and herpes.

Two condoms are better than one: “Double-bagging” is an EXTREMELY bad sexual health practice and often makes the condom/s LESS effective than using the one. When you double up, the friction of movement and the friction between the condoms can lead to one or both tearing. This is also true for penis / vaginal condoms – only ever use one or the other.

Condoms don’t provide protection for skin-to-skin STIs: If the condom covers the infected skin, it has been shown to provide some protection against STIs such as herpes, genital warts and HPV. Remember they aren’t full proof as there is still a chance of skin-to-skin contact with the infected area.

Condom size doesn’t matter: Penis’ come in all shapes and size which means condoms need to as well. For them to be as effective as possible, they need to fit properly. If you use one too small or tight, the condom could tear or break. If you use one too big or loose, it could come off during sex OR leak sperm where you don’t want it.

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